Tuesday, July 18

Netflix Review

I wrote my first and maybe last movie review on Netflix. It was for Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me. I hated it the movie. Here is the review -

Title: Why is everyone yelling so loud?

"This movie is not scary, but the main thing I'll remember from this movie is all the screaming. Despite this, I fell asleep trying to watch it. Twice. Why is everyone screaming? Don't really know, but maybe very few of the actors know what their motives are so they just yell their way through the scenes. "CLEAN THE FLOOR!" "DON'T WEAR MY CLOTHES!" "WASH YOUR HANDS!" WHO ARE YOU!" "I LOVE YOU JAMES!" "AAAAAAIGGGH!" Okay, I get it. Bored now...

By the way, half of the interesting scenes (2 of 4?) are ripped off from the series. Besides that, this movie is just a disjointed b flick.

RENT IT IF YOU HAVE TO! But you probably won't enjoy it."

I love, love, love Blue Velvet, but Mr. Lynch doesn't impress me much.

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