Saturday, June 24



I turned on my tv and it was tuned to TBN (of course). Stephen Baldwin was hosting some strange show featuring some weirdo who spins basketballs...for christ. Anyway, a Stephen Baldwin +christ youtube search ensued and I found that awesome little video. And make sure to always remember...
skate skate skate
christ christ christ
Skate for Christ
Skate for Christ
Ride the halfpipe
Don't smoke the crack pipe


Emma Rose said...

Skate, Skate, Skate!

I'm always curious about that one skate move that happens at about 1 min in (and then is repeated in super slo mo), when you jump off your skate board and twirl it in the air, hop up, then put it back on the ground and land on it. Is it just me, or is that some sort of not so flashy, but exagerated move?

Lazy said...

No disagreement here. Also, I'm assuming that born again skaters, like born again musicians, are bad imitations of the real thing. I think the christ thing takes the edge of no matter how loud you scream. "EXXXXTREEEEEME!"