Sunday, February 8

Bruised Big Toe Blues

Busted up my big toe moving some ridiculously heavy furniture. Might have to wear sandals to work. It’s not uncommon for me to wear sandals during the summer (Free the Feet!) but it’s too dam cold right now. Hmm, pain with a shoe or cold in the sandals? Lazy Toe might have to dress warm, though I did hear a rumor that we might actually get a few days sun.

The good news is that picked up some Bo Diddley (you know, of “Hey! Bo Diddley!” fame) from my folks house. The music is fantastic, but a few songs are just ridiculous jokes told over a rhythm. “You look 10 days older than water.” “Yo’ feet look like they got on violin cases.” Huh? And there were some yo mamma jokes too! Who knew yo mamma jokes went back so far...

Saturday, February 7


I have been completely humbled by Super Ultimate Karaoke Revolution (or something like that) for PS2. Holy shit. I actually had to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings." I had to do it Captain Kirk style. This is why I don't karaoke. This game is amazing. The songs are shite, but everything else is great.

Whose that riding? Jonny Revelator.

I should never ever go into Sonic Boom Records - I always end up spending way to much money in that place. But I was walking around Ballard today and sure enough, I wandered on in and left with a bunch of cds. So the one I listened to on the way home, “Oh Holy Fools” by Bright Eyes and Son, Ambulance, unexpectedly opens with this beautiful upbeat piano song. It's a perfect song for car groovin' and car groovin' I did. I had never heard of this Son, Ambulance guy, but he has this fantastically soft voice (as in Nick Drake, Belle and Sebastian) that I completely dig. So yea, it was a good purchase. And then the sun came out as soon as the song started so I took some back roads (aka - the long way) home and enjoyed the scene. It was great drive though it did make me remember how much I miss the sun.

Note: Comments are down for now. Booo...

Thursday, February 5

Oh My God

Did I just learn how to add comments? Lord, I am sooo smart.

Ugg, enough computer work for today though.

Dead Rat Watch, 2004 - Part 166

No I’m not talking about the democratic primaries, but the decaying animal under my closet floor. I first started smelling it over the weekend, conveniently when I was just about to start painting my room. It still smells and everything that was in my enormous closet is now strewn across the rest of my room/hall along with the mess that was created during the paint job. On top of all that, I have to keep my windows open all the time (again, the smell) as well as constantly burn incense. Aarrgh, how I hate thee, dead rat. However, with the incense, the open windows, and the deodorizing agent I purchased from a nice man in a grow shop, the smell isn’t too bad. Still, what a hassle. Though I did get a kick out of asking Jeeves about dead rats. I had no idea there was a website devoted to pictures of dead rats. Or poems written for them. If I had any knowledge of technology, I would actually link to those pages. Anyway, people have way too much time on their hands. Then again, here I am blogging about my rat.