Saturday, June 24



I turned on my tv and it was tuned to TBN (of course). Stephen Baldwin was hosting some strange show featuring some weirdo who spins basketballs...for christ. Anyway, a Stephen Baldwin +christ youtube search ensued and I found that awesome little video. And make sure to always remember...
skate skate skate
christ christ christ
Skate for Christ
Skate for Christ
Ride the halfpipe
Don't smoke the crack pipe

Monday, June 5

Dylan on Youtube

Girl From the North Country. I love this song. Conor Oberst, M. Ward and Jim James were singing this song as the final encore song when they were touring together. It's available somewhere, cause I heard it on the radio. Anyway, always nice to hear the original. "If you go where the snow flakes fall.." So gorgeous.

Why? Huh? Why?

Okay, my ears may have been deceiving me, but I could have sworn that I heard/saw a dog food commercial with a Magnetic Fields song as the soundtrack. Unless I'm wrong, and I hope I am, "I think I need a new heart" is now the official song of cesar's dog food. How could this happen? Does Mr. Merritt need money? Is his club losing money? Is he hungry? Does he need to eat? Someone explain this to me?

Can someone with window's media player tell me what is happening here?

Again, I have no problem with songs in commercials as long as the commercial doesn't suck the life out of the song. In honor of the good use of songs, I embed the following video:

Nick Drake