Tuesday, July 20


This day in History
The following B List Stars will be celebrating their birthdays today.
Vitamin C
Simon Rex (ha!)
Kim Carnes

Birthday Plans

I plan to do the following on my birthday (today).
1) Slack off at work, but not too much.
2) Get off early - maybe 1 ish.
3) Roll on down to guitar center and buy something nice.  Can't decide between a steel guitar, electric guitar (maybe this one), or an interface for my computer.
4) Hang out with the brother.
Yup, nothing too special, but I'll be seeing a lot of my friends this week.  Did the movie folk thing last night, seeing my brother tonight, and going to Lucinda Williams tomorrow with Ryan, Tara, Emma, and Jeremy.  Matthew is taking me to a fee movie on Thursday too so the week is shaping up nicely.
Roommate Rose cooked me a croc madame this morning and presented me with a gift - a gay (rainbow colored) fish windsock.  I think it's hilarious.  It will fly (swim?) in my room.

Monday, July 19

me me me me me me me me

It will be my birthday in 48 minutes. Bow before my birthday-ness.

Jesse, I fear for you

watch yourself

Sunday, July 18

Lazy's Back

Whew! What a fucking trip that was. Had an absolute great time. Wales was fucking beautiful, the wedding was fantastic, and Paris was Paris - scary (Zhay Pur!) gorgeous, and expensive. Of course the best part was hanging out with my buddies. We all had a great time. It was actually one of the best vacations I think I've ever had. Ridiculous conversations, new catch phrases (chunnel of love), and good memories. If tango puts his photos on the internet, I'll post of link.

It's good to be home though. Flew in on Thursday afternoon, worked on Friday, and been taking it easy while trying to get my life back in order. Well, I detour from the life thing when I get to messing around with the music bit. I rearranged some things the other day so I could do multi-tracking on my computer and successfully mixed a few tracks down to a song. A short song (about 1min) but a song none the less. So much to freakin learn, but it's exciting. I looped a 20 second guitar thingy, recorded a quick vocal track, played my tambo, and added a light harmonica throughout the bit. It took me a while to do it, but I'm assuming it gets easier with practice. My god, one of these days I might actually know what I'm doing.

Vacation has refreshed me. I'm ready to get down to business. More later though - I borrowed some guilty pleasure DVDs (Buffy The Vamp Slayer, Season 4) and have a burning desire to catch a few before it gets too late. Plus, Joy Division just popped up on the itunes party shuffle and I'm now officially scared (Zhay Pur!). And I just realized the minor irony of using "Party Shuffle" when I'm all by my lonesome. Huh.

Friday, July 9

Heart Beat

My god, one of my best friends got hitched today. I can't believe it. Everyone had a fantastic day though. My speech went well. I was most nervous during the wedding. For some reason, Wendy getting married really hit me. My heart was pounding during the vows. Good stuff. I'm extremely excited for them both. They really do seem great for each other.

Thursday, July 8

Crazed Madness

Lazys in England. Yay, travel. Things have been quite hectic this last week. Especially these last few days. Spent many-a-days in Northwest Wales and felt like I was coming home, but no. Wedding is tomorrow. BBQ is going on right now. Everyone is drunk. I'm chatting with all sorts of people, but know no one. Wendy is running around like a mad person. Tomorrow is the wedding and I have a big speech to give. Tangoscott is sanity with blond hair. I'm glad he's here.

More on Wales later. I had a great time. Snowdonia and The Llynn are brilliant. Yay, traveling. I'm exhausted though and I must go mingle/drink. Plus, there are some fine, fine folk here.