Thursday, April 14

Gonna Build Right On That Shore

Which shore? Maybe this one.

It's looking like I might move into a house right next door to the park. The house is farther out than I what I'd hoped for, but the park thing is awesome and the house is perfect. It's just the right size (1bd, 1ba), cute, and kind of weird. Plus it has a full basement. That's just about everything I was looking for. The manager seemed really cool too. We seemed to get along pretty well.

I was listening to The Soul Stirrers (the early incarnation w/ Sam Cooke) on my way out there and that "Gonna Build Right On That Shore" song came on and it just felt right. Wish me luck.

On a random note, I noticed that Yahoo was pimping a new Oasis video today. I watched about three minutes of it before I turned it off. I really gave it two and a half more minutes than what it deserved, but I did it for memory's sake. Plus, now I'm listening to "Definitely Maybe" which is never a bad thing.

Speaking of Soapboxes

Okay, Emma already commented about it, but I'm going to link to it anyways. Twisted soapbox.

Twisted soapbox.

Tuesday, April 12

Gays in the Military

Kind of heard some chatter about this recently, but it's not going to happen. Forget about it. For now, at least. The powers that be haven't forgotten what happened last time they let minorities fight for their country. Those same minorities came back demanding their full and equal rights and they (the powers) will be damned if they can't repress at least some part of the population.

I've been standing on my rainbow colored (gay) soapbox quite a bit these days. Not necessarily on the blog, but maybe soon. I read some bullshit propaganda that pissed me off.

Music, Taxes, and Movin' On

Download this song. It was the first thing I heard at last night's concert. The performer had a way good vide and the song put me in the right mood. Well, that Thai restaurant’s "hallucinogenic" cocktail might have helped out, but probably not... Either way, the song is pretty cool.

Ha ha, finished my taxes. No six month extension needed for ol' Lazy Toe. I owe some money (I always do), but I'm not complaining. I think I get off pretty easy as far as taxes go.

More importantly - I'm on the move. My house is vacating in the next month or so. Haven't found a place yet, but it's coming along. I kind of dig the process, but it's also kind of a pain. I'll definitely be sad about moving out of this place. I've been here for 2+ years and it's all been good times w/ the roommates and the doggy. But yea, it feels like it's time to start something new.

"Whether you find something in the way, or you keep forgettin lost in lightless caves, or you found the sound in singing what you say, then vocalize, vocalize into the nada. Ah ah ah..." I'm listening to that song right now.