Monday, April 17

Holy Shot Through The Chest While Jumping Out a Jail Cell Window, Mor-Man.

Scott let me borrow "Under the Banner Of Heaven." It is keeping me up at night.

Another Great Album Cover

This photo reminds me of Tom Bombadil for some reason. I think I just like the idea of wandering through a forest and stumbling upon the master of Hawaiian guitar. He's got some kind of Hawaiian/Western Swing thing going on. I'd be as enchanted by him as the hobbits were of Tom and his river nymph.

Rockin Steady with Slim Smith

I'm obsessed with this man. I want this album on my wall. I love it.

Monday, April 3

Lazy the Crime Toe

I guess I'm the neighborhood watch guy tonight. I called the police on a car that's been sitting outside my house for a few days and I found this website.

Throwing toenails at crime.

Sunday, April 2

My new favorite tree

These things dot the shores of Mercer Island. I never really noticed them til I was out on Lake Washington with JuanB. In the light of the setting sun they looked like shaggy creatures making their way to the shore.

Saturday was a great day to be on the water. Didn't catch any fish, but we drank a decent amount of whiskey, boated all they way around Mercer Island (no small feat for the 12 footer), listened to good tunes and had a lot of fun. My ass hurts though. 7 hours on that hard boat seat did me in.