Friday, April 23

Oh those silly Nihon's

Japan to Freed Hostages: Anatatachi wa BAKA desu! Watashi no yen wa doko deska!?

That's pretty cold y'alls.

Pixies. Road Trip. Pixies. Spokane. Pixies. Road Trip.

"Black Francis, Black Francis, you were the last motha f**ker, hoarding all the good stuff and leaving no doubt that if rock n' roll dies, it's not my fault. I do the best with the leftovers that I got." Bobby Bare, Jr.

Pixies. Spokane. Road Trip. "No outstanding warrants for my arrest."

Wednesday, April 21

Apple Scruffs

Love is in the air. Not for me, of course (you know, that whole black heart thing), but for my roommates. Okay, I don't really know if it is love, but I came home last night (midnight) and was unloading my car when Rose's car started up out of nowhere. I walked up my driveway to see what was going on and saw that both my roommates were in her car. Apparently, they were just sitting in there talking and about to go for a drive. At midnight. After they just got back from the bar. Maybe they finally came clean to each other about their feelings. I haven't *really* talked to either of them about it, but it is kind of obvious what is going on. Except that they don't talk about it. To me or to each other.


Tuesday, April 20

Dead Things on A Work Break

I was sitting on a bench reading a book in the sun when I noticed something strange about the little pile of brown sticks and moss a few inches from my feet. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was a decayed rat with little toes and a long brown branch-looking thing that must've been it's tail. Everything was brown except for the toes, which were still white. The whole thing was pretty much decayed though, which is why it looked like a pile of branches and moss. It was disgusting, but fascinating. I don't know how it got there either. I know it wasn't there this morning, when I took my earlier break. Maybe it fell out of someone's backpack...

Monday, April 19

Yup, it's a John Wesley Harding Monday morning.

"Arise, Arise, he cried so loud, in a voice without restraint. Come out ye gifted Kings and Queens and hear my sad complaint. No martyrs are among you now, that you can call your own, but go on your way accordingly and know you're not alone." From I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine, which I actually learned to play it the other night. Go me and my three chords.

"Dear Landlord, please don't put a price on my soul. My burdens are heavy, my dreams are out of control."

Friday, April 16

7 Days

Dam this week went by fast. As usual I've been over extending myself and sacrificing the sleep. This weekend will probably be no different. Tonight I'm seeing a concert at the Tractor and tomorrow I have a big ol' family event to go to. Sunday will hopefully be my day of rest, though I've been itching to go to Guitar Center and play around with all their equipment for 4 or 5 hours. My brother and I have a big ol' grudge against that place so I devised a plan that would not only let us get some revenge, but would also be quite fun.

Here is the plan: Enter the store and make our way to from section to section (prioritized by importance to us), play with the most expensive/interesting things we can get our hands on and see how long we can do that for. If no one says anything to us we'll eventually end up in the miscellaneous section - which includes guitar straps, harmonicas, cheap mics, music books, guitar strings, stands, etc. - and ask them to play various harmonicas through that air blower things they use. Petty? Yea, but fun. Hey, I've never played a steel guitar before and I want to dammit. And I really want to get my hands on some nice electric guitars.

Maybe I'll be extra obnoxious and play some shit they probably hear all the time. Rosie worked at a local music store in Kent and said that people would always come in and play some easy Led Zepplin (stairway to heaven) or Pink Floyd (wish you were here) riffs. That all sounds like the equivalent of grocery store shoppers saying "Hey, I guess it's free! HA HA HA HA HA HA....." when their item doesn't ring up. The "......" represents the quick silence that would follow after they saw the steely look in my eyes.

Friday, April 9

Not Quite the Weekend Blues

It is almost here. The sun shining through my office "window" is making me yearn for weekend goodness.

The sun was shining on my face when I woke up this morning. That only happens during this time of year, due to the way my house is situated next to a woodsy hill. I enjoy it while I can.

Heading up to Rizzo Bizzo's Skagit County Mountain Cabin tonight. They say Skagit County is nice this time of year. You know, with all the tulips and all. Maybe I'll go and run through those fields or maybe I'll just sit on the porch and drink up the sun and listen to water tumble on down. Either way, I hope to be Chamorro Brown (as opposed to Seattle White) by the time I come back.

Thursday, April 8

Galway Calling

"There's a full moon over Galway babe tonight. Silver light, all green and blue."

Wednesday, April 7

In Other News

1) This is just about the scariest thing I've ever seen.

2) Glossopoet is big phat faux Romanian liar. He burned me a couple of Modest Mouse cds before he left and told me that "lonesome Crowded West" was their best album, when clearly "The Moon and Antarctica" is the better of the two. Just started listening to The Moon, realized how good it is, and am slightly disappointed that I put it off for so long based on Glosso's recommendation of the lesser album. Glosso also says a lot of stuff about God that may or may not be true, but I have yet to independently confirm this.

3) Where are my library cds? If anyone understands why it takes 3 months for them to process and catalogue a cd before they let us check it out, please clue me in. Still waiting for the Pieces of April soundtrack as well as the new David Byrne. Aaargghh, must have music. No worries, Library, I still love you.

4) It is time for everyone to recognize the greatness of Wilco's "Being There." Don't argue, just do it.

Time to Save

Scott and I purchased our plane tickets to Europe today. The travel agent was awesome and I'm quite excited now that it is all said and done. Now comes the fun part of actually figuring out what we are going to do over there. Tentative plan is this

June 29th: fly
June 30th - July 7th: Roam around Wales, Scotland, maybe Ireland
July 8th: Meet up with Wendy, Alfred, and Scott (he is flying in on the 7th) in Leicester
July 9th: Wedding
July 10th - 14th: Be led around by Wendy and Alfred
July 15th: fly

Apparently, the possibilities are endless with the Wendy and Alfred duo. They have friends in every major city of Europe and they claim that we'd all be able to crash on various couches/floors. Scott really wants to go to Paris and Alfred's brother lives there so that is becoming more and more of possibility. Paris, we may just meet again. :O

Bad news is that it is now time to be cheap. I've got to save every single dime to pay for this trip. 1 dollar currently buys .82 Euros or .52 British cents. Rubbish.

Sorry friends. I hope you like renting movies and drinking Busch Light, cause that is all I'll be doing from now until then. Well, minus the trips I already have planned.

Tuesday, April 6

Transcendental Blues

"I find that for me, for now, transcendence is about being still long enough to know when it's time to move on. Fuck me." Steve Earle

Monday, April 5

The Hospital Bombers

Yikes, there was not enough debate about the name of this band.

Thursday, April 1

Former Green Fool

Nader is on The Conversation and acting like an ass. I don't care that he is running (do what you wish), but stop being so dam condescending. I realize that he has probably heard these questions a million times before ("take votes away from Kerry?" "help George win?" "Drop out if close?"), but cutting people off and talking down to people will not win him any votes. Which is good for the Dems I guess. Here is the good that will come of his candidacy.

1) Another person out there bashing the Bush and spotlighting the garbage that is his presidency.

2) Make sure the Dems don't take their voters for granted. Last time around the Dems ignored Nader, but they are scared now. They know they can't make that mistake again so they will have to confront him and his ideas. And more conversation is never a bad thing. Anyone hear Former President Jimbo Carter tell Nader (granted, after he complimented him a lot) to go back to coaching little league? Wow.

And, at the end of the day, Nader is right about many things. Especially when he says that the Dems should be landsliding Bush. They really should.

They leave me hanging on to a shadow

Dylan + Victoria's Secret. A friend/coworker sent me this description -

"Did you SEE the Victoria's Secret tv ad with the nubile brunette pouting around in some hotel room in her panties, and Bob Dylan snarling "I'm sick of love"? Holy Smokes. Tom and I just sat there flabbergasted. Yow."

The song they used is from Time Out of Mind. The dark dark dark 1997 I'm close to death, but not really album.

"I'm sick of love, I wish I never met you. I'm sick of love, I'm trying to forget you."