Friday, November 19

Deep Throat...

Love 'em

Hate 'em

Always an interesting read though.

And the Deep Throat part is just a reference to the theory that he was the source of the Watergate leak.

One thing I have to say about the culture war bit - I just don't understand why Christians feel (or in the case of our "leaders", pretend) like Christianity is in endanger of becoming extinct. And the ACLU (and other orgs) get a bad rap from the Coulters, Falwells, and Robertsons of the world, when those same people know dam well that if (or maybe when) Christianity was a minority religion, they'd be protecting their rights too.

DT quotes 60's Dylan in one of those articles and I feel I must do the same. "Come mothers and Fathers throughout the land/and don't criticize what you can't understand/yours sons and your daughters are beyond your command/your old world is rapidly aging/please get out the new one if you can't lend your hand/for the times..."

Wednesday, November 17

GI Joe

Heard this on the news this morning - A Texas High School has stopped it's annual cross dressing day, because a few parents complained that they were advancing the homosexual agenda. So they've decided to replace is with Commando Day where student will dress up as soldiers.

Heard about this wacky site a few days ago. You know, if the holidays got you in a killing mood.

Friday, November 12


The daily howler should be read by everyone.

Besides the free states vs. slave states map, this is the most interesting thing I've seen since the disastrous election. If I ever stop cringing about it, I may just post some legitimate thoughts about it.

Wednesday, November 3

Bush Wins

Holy Fuck. Holy Holy Fuck.

I don't want to read the news, don't want to listen to the radio, don't want to think.

The rules of the game have changed. Smoke and Mirrors win the day. Catch phrases. Code words. Muddied waters.

My pimple is still here (see below) and I'm sure I'll have 20 more by the end of this week. My skin reacts badly to a god dam stupid public.