Thursday, December 9

Uh oh...

It looks like this story is destined to become focused on the reporter and not the real issue. Grrrr... The other soldiers cheered dammit!

from the Seattle Times.


It's official. I went to the doctor and he told me so.

Bad News - I'm sick (super cough/headache/eye thing), I spent $70 on medicine, and I can't drink this weekend

Good News - I'll be better soon, I learned a ton about the world of nasal sprays, and I've been playing crazy music. Doc probably wouldn't approve of the all the singing and shoutin, but it makes me feel good.

Been listening to a bunch of Jon Wesley Harding lately (the album, not the artist) and I decided that I really need to sing this song. I just want to hear those words coming out of my mouth.

And Bessie Smith seems to be coming up a bunch too and I must say that she really inspires me. She fucking owns her voice. And I guess you'd have to if 90% of your songs had a title that ended with "Blues." You can't mess around with a word like that.

This will end in disaster

Are you kidding me?

Tuesday, December 7

Just bookmark it already

I've said it before and I'll say it again - READ The Daily Howler. One of the best commentary sites I've seen on the internet.

Recently they've been talking about the Social Security crisis. Very interesting stuff, especially for all us young folk. Read on..

See, they even trash Salon when appropriate.

I do not have a hangover

My eyes are red, but I am neither high nor hung over. I am sick. Maybe I have one of these

By the way, aint I cute?

Blinky the Eyelash Mite
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