Tuesday, July 18

Everything she wants

Is everything she sees.

Wise words from Wham era George Michael? That song came over my ipod while busing to work (don't criticize) and it made me laugh laugh laugh.

But could this song be about ditching a pregnant wife? He says she's perfect. Then, six months later, they are married, she's pregnant, and now he's going on about "one step further and my back will break." What is she asking for? A crib? If I ever had the opportunity to interview George Michael I'd ask him to explain himself.

Next I will analyze Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam songs. Lost in Emotion? I'll be the judge of that. Hit the beat now!


Emma Rose said...

Maybe what she wants is not a closeted baby daddy. i'm just saying.

PS. I'm at a Starbucks in the Istanbul airport.

Shawn said...

Thank god you finally put up new post, or Emma would be stuck in Turkey with nothing to do! ;)