Tuesday, July 25

Here He Comes - a story of Van and George (dumb, dumb George)

I love it! The song is a van morrison track from the 2nd disc of the many times repackaged "Bang Sessions." Sometimes known as Bang Masters, sometimes known as Brown Eyed Beginnings, etc, etc, etc. This track, along with about 30 other strange one minute songs like Ring Worm, Chickee Coo, Dumb Dumb George, Jump and Thump, make up the whole second disc.

Van's George (the one in the songs) owned the label van was recording for (Bang) and was responsible for releasing an album of van's material without his knowledge. George was attempting to capitalize on a) the chart success of Brown Eyed Girl and b) the hippie movement (the album was called "Blowin Your Mind" and the cover featured a psychedelic van morrison). Van was pissed. And to get out of his 2 disc record contract he turned in the 2nd album of nonsensical songs. One of those songs is called "Blowin Yer Nose" and in the song he pretends to call the operator and rag on his own album. "Hey! Operator. I have a new album out and it's groovy. It's called.... it's called.. blowin' yer nose."

Van writes off all of his work at Bang as crap, but despite that there are some bad ass songs all on that first disc. Joe Harper's Saturday Morning, Madam George (later slowed waaay down for Astral Weeks), It's All Right, Beside You (same idea as Madam George), and the acoustic version of The Smile You Smile are all top notch tracks. Some of the best music ever created.

Here are the lyrics to ringworm:
I can see
by the look on your face
that you've got ringworm.
I'm very sorry but,
I have to tell you that
you've got ringworm.
It's a very common disease.
Actually, you're very luck to have
'cause you may have
had somethin' else.
Oooh, aaahhh...
You've got ringworm.
Oooh-oooh, oooh, oooh-oooh, oooh, oooh-oooh....

Tuesday, July 18

Everything she wants

Is everything she sees.

Wise words from Wham era George Michael? That song came over my ipod while busing to work (don't criticize) and it made me laugh laugh laugh.

But could this song be about ditching a pregnant wife? He says she's perfect. Then, six months later, they are married, she's pregnant, and now he's going on about "one step further and my back will break." What is she asking for? A crib? If I ever had the opportunity to interview George Michael I'd ask him to explain himself.

Next I will analyze Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam songs. Lost in Emotion? I'll be the judge of that. Hit the beat now!

Netflix Review

I wrote my first and maybe last movie review on Netflix. It was for Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me. I hated it the movie. Here is the review -

Title: Why is everyone yelling so loud?

"This movie is not scary, but the main thing I'll remember from this movie is all the screaming. Despite this, I fell asleep trying to watch it. Twice. Why is everyone screaming? Don't really know, but maybe very few of the actors know what their motives are so they just yell their way through the scenes. "CLEAN THE FLOOR!" "DON'T WEAR MY CLOTHES!" "WASH YOUR HANDS!" WHO ARE YOU!" "I LOVE YOU JAMES!" "AAAAAAIGGGH!" Okay, I get it. Bored now...

By the way, half of the interesting scenes (2 of 4?) are ripped off from the series. Besides that, this movie is just a disjointed b flick.

RENT IT IF YOU HAVE TO! But you probably won't enjoy it."

I love, love, love Blue Velvet, but Mr. Lynch doesn't impress me much.