Monday, August 15

Song for an Evil Clown Nesting Doll

I thought this was very clever when I wrote it. Granted, I was *slightly* intoxicated.

Scary Clown
everytime I turn around
you get a little bit meaner
Mean ol' Clown
I'm just wonderin' aloud
if you got the devil inside you
Red Face Clown
If makeup hid my frowns
I think I'd be a little evil too


Coming soon to your local McDonald's

Foolish Man

No one will even want his sperm after this foolish interview.

Sunday, August 14

Better Get Ready For That Judgment

Just felt like saying that.

A "fabulously strong high pressure dome?" Nice quote.

Alaska, I feel for you.

PB, I hope you're right. I've been saying that a decent amount lately. Who would have guessed?

Doesn't really get that much better than this. I don't know why, but I just love this stuff.

RENTy Goodness

Not too excited when I first saw the preview, but that's changed over the last few days. Three things linger though:

1) When did Adam Pascal (Roger) turn into Willem Dafoe?
2) I'm a little dubious of the Rosario Dawson thing. Never saw that Pussycats film, but I hear she laid down the vocals for it.
3) I wonder if all the Law and Order mothers (mine included) will freak out when they see Jesse Martin (Tom) smooching a Tranny Superstar?

Jesse's voice is something else though. My god, that man can sing. Lucky enough to see him play Tom on stage and he really got me going with that voice of his.

Also stumbled across the website for the current Roger on Broadway. yow....