Sunday, August 29

Music Post - My new found love for Joe Nichols


This fool is currently a star on CMT, but he's on his way to becoming a superstar. Why? Well, America loves stupid shit and his new single, "If Nobody Believed In You" is being sold exclusively at Wall Mart.

I saw his video today and got a good laugh out of it. It fails on every level, accept one. Here's how the video kind of goes (at least the part I saw, which was near the end, I think):

Settings: A classroom, of course.

Lyrics: "We take His name out of schools/The lawyers say it breaks the rules."
Video: the words of the bible are being erased from a blackboard
Lyrics: "Pledge of allegiance can't be writ,/An' under God, should not be said."
Video: Old Glory disappears, followed by a map of the USA.
Lyrics: "I wonder how much He will take./I just pray it's not too late."
Video: One by one the children freaking disappear!?

Right, because now that those godless commies are teaching evolution in the schools, it's only a matter of time before our children vaporize. Anyway, he goes on to sing about god for a few more lines.

"What if God quit tryin',
He just turned away?
There were teardrops on his face?
Tell me, how would you feel?
You'd probably give up too,
If nobody believed in you."

So, here are my problems with this thing:
1) The lyrics are ridiculously cheesy and cheap.
2) He will be gigantic country star even though...
3) ..he looks kind of like he's kind of on the fence of becoming a metrosexual (this deserves it's own #). Look at that hair! Look at that shirt!
3) The video is presented like it's talking to a child. Almost like it DIDN'T BELIEVE IN MY ability to put two and two together.
4) The song is about believing in people and god and such, but the video tries to scare you? That sucks.

So why is this popular? My only guess is that it's topical and it's easy to understand. The package is agreeable. The rhythm is conventional, the lyrics are cheap slogans/sound bites. There's a lot of that in music today. And in politics. And people just eat that stuff up.

Check out his website and listen to a clip of the song. Blah.